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Have you ever wondered how Internet moguls made themselves very popular? Or, how your next door neighbor had their name searched over the Internet so quickly? Well, the very first step to achieving all this fame and glory with today’s fastest growing communication medium is through the use of the right domain name, such as With the right domain your website could land on the first few pages of a search engine result with little help from search engine optimization.

But what is a domain name, such as, and why is it important? Like any other elements we see around us, internet stuff should also have their labels in order for people and machines to recognize them. For websites, they are identified by their domain names and thus we access online services through their domain names. Examples of widely used domain names are,, and just to name a few. Without a domain name, a site would definitely not on the Internet. 


domain names


While millions of domains names are popping out from nowhere, only few individuals have recognized the power of using their own name, such as, as a domain name. Those who were able to register their names for a domain were very fortunate to have established their online presence. Through the use of their domain names, these people found great exposure and a lot of opportunities with their domains.

Using your name as domain names, like, can bring more than just a name for the site. It can be used as promotional materials for campaigns, resume, or even blogs. Do you know that three letter first names registered as domains are sold for thousands of dollars? Yes, that is absolutely true and big businesses are willing to plunge into the water to own a domain name that would bring significance to their business, with a name such as that is memorable.


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Names like Vincent, Sandra, Timothy, James and Grunden, in .com and .net extensions are very successful domain names that have reached millions of computers worldwide. By simply typing these names on a web browser together with a top level domain, you’ll be able to reach these sites instantly. Isn’t it great if people recognize you through your domain even if they haven’t seen you at all? Well, it sure is very interesting and rewarding. 

Unfortunately, because of the surge of demand to register popular first and last names as domain names, most of them are no longer available. Common names are no longer available in .com and .net. However, if you are interested in the domain name, you are in luck, because we are currently offering the name available for sale.

If you would like to acquire, you may submit your offer or any questions to .